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Great Tips for Caring for Naturally Curly Hair.

Many people only know of straight and curly hair types but there are 12 more types. There are key differences in these hair types based on the look and feel. You can’t change your hair type because it is in your genes but being prepared to do the work in ensuring it is in a top condition will be helpful. Curly hair is gorgeous but you have to be patient with it and be willing to put in the extra work so that it can remain beautiful. This should not make you despise your hair type though. You only have to learn the hair care tips for this type of hair so that you can pick the best for your hair and lifestyle. This information is also essential when you are trying to develop a hair care routine. It is quite simple to keep the curly hair looking good when you understand the process. You need to change the way you have been drying your hair if it is curly.

Those who have straight hair can just blow dry their hair and be done with it. A drier is not advisable for people with curly hair because of the damage it causes which is why you should let it go. If you have enough time, you should have it dry naturally. If you are in a rush you should dry it in chunks using a soft towel. A cotton t-shirt is also a great item in the drying process for those who have curly hair. Cotton t-shirts are gentle and they will not strip the hair of all of its moisture. You also have to know how to detangle curly hair. After you have washed curly hair, tangling is expected. Before you go in with a comb, you have to detangle using your fingers so that you can remove knots and also kinks. If you can find a great detangler the better.

After you have removed all the knots you can proceed to use a wide-toothed comb to work through the hair before using a finer comb. Hair brushes are known to cause damage on curly hair and they also make it weak. Keeping your hair hydrated is an important step too. Hydration applies to all hair types. When you hydrate the tresses you will prevent breakage and also improve the elasticity of your hair. During the cold season, the heavy oils are the best for your hair. Lightweight oils are ideal for summer. Natural humectants can be used throughout the year.